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Purtier bottle and box on wooden log.

PURTIER Placenta

Revolutionary • Cutting Edge

Purtier 7th Edition
Blue sky and blue mountain.


Since its inception from the 1st Edition, PURTIER Placenta has supported optimal care for your health. It has won the hearts of people from all over the world by supporting its users with a peace of mind through the union of its formula where each precious ingredient had been carefully selected for its effects.

Purtier 7th Edition Side View
Purtier 7th Edition
The Beginning
Purtier 1st Edition
1st Edition
Purtier 2nd Edition
2nd Edition
Purtier 3rd Edition
3rd Edition
Purtier 4th Edition
4th Edition
Purtier 5th Edition
5th Edition
Purtier 6th Edition
6th Edition
Purtier 7th Edition
7th Edition
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