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Combining cutting-edge technology with nutritional nature’s gifts, PURTIER Placenta utilises the restorative powers of deer placenta for an expertly formulated health supplement supercharged with nutrient-rich ingredients.

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Remaining true to its purpose whilst embracing progress, we continually seek to further improve on PURTIER Placenta’s formula. Today RIWAY with its unique patents, has developed the optimal ratio for wholesome nutrition, making PURTIER Placenta the health supplement you need in your daily life.

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The body’s ability to rejuvenate cells slows down as we age, through its unique formulation, PURTIER Placenta helps support our body in today’s fast-pace and stress-prone society. Start your plan to support your energy levels, health and wellbeing, today.

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Unique Masterpiece

The formula of PURTIER Placenta contains a streamlined mix of 14 ingredients which have been carefully selected for their suitability and blended to ensure the highest absorption by the body. Every ingredient is added in moderation and to support your health, virtually all your need in a capsule.

The Benefits

Forefront of Technology

Advance technology is required to ensure that the process and preservation of nutrients are maintained in its best and most optimal condition, so as to facilitate the effective absorption of these nutrients in the body.

The Technology
Our Ingredients
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